The truth in alignment is an unshakeable truth. To be in alignment, is to be one with Me. In this “oneness” there is no state of the mind that can overtake the truth found in the alignment of the spirit. This truth, is what propels you into truly realizing the power of relationship with Me. I do not call you to Me for companionship, I call you to experience power in oneness. Alignment with Me casts out all that seeks to bring chaos and destruction to your life. Alignment is the purest form of the manifestation of truth. To know Me as I reveal Myself to you, causes your vision to widen to what is truly important — the health of the body.


The body, if operating out of alignment, cannot function. A body that does not function properly, is one that must use its resources to correct the dysfunction. Operating comfortably in dysfunction is a spirit weighed and measured to fall prey to becoming eternally ineffective. Ineffectiveness must be cut from The Body, of which I am The Head. No part of Me can remain in the Holy of Holies if it does not completely align itself to produce life. I will cut off what does not produce, and through grace, transform and replant it as a seed to grow once more. If you are in a perpetual state of being planted, it is time to recognize you are perpetually operating out of alignment.


I do not call you to exist free of the burden to function properly. I define this as a burden because you too must be willing to cut away what does not produce life and accept its death. I will then transform the broken limb to produce fruit and realign you with Me. This is where you will once more operate as a part of The Body, producing life, and experiencing the supernatural.


Alignment with Me, produces all you need to live in this world successfully. The power of seeking Me, and relentlessly pursuing alignment, will cause you to understand the limitless abundance of all things being added to you. Seeking Me in spirit and in truth is the key. Seeking to become one, so you may become a producer of much, is the mindset that creates all you will need to experience Heaven on Earth, and move into the realization of new dimensions in every area of your life, as opposed to incremental advancement in what stands between your line of sight and an endless manifestation of abundance.


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