Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the very first MixxLife blog written. The evolution of myself as a vessel to be used in such a powerful way has been the best experience of my life. One touch from God changes everything, and He has given me the incredible mission of developing a platform where you can receive the same revelatory Word and experience through revelation and relationship with God. We want to thank all who have joined us on this incredible journey. As we continue this path of pursuit to know and become one with God, we pray that God continues to open eyes and hearts to what He is doing through MixxLife. Without a revelatory touch from God to know the power that exists in the Word He releases through MixxLife, we cease to exist. We love each and every one of you, thank you for your support. I pray your heart be completely open to receiving this amazing and transformative Word of Becoming as we all pursue to be more like God everyday.


No man knows the day nor the hour. This is not to scare you into submission. Not having a grasp on My timing is an issue of the heart. Will you seek Me when you are not aware of the outcome? Relationship will cause you to approach Me from a place of longing to know who I am, not what I am. Understanding who I am as your father, as your friend, as your help, as your peace, and everything I am for you, will create a space for revelation of purpose. Purpose is found in love, not knowledge, and revelation is found in pure pursuit of a pure heart.


A pure heart opens the door for the anointing of My Spirit to flow through you. This flow from My Spirit to your spirit is the true cycle of life. Life will begin to come forward where there was nothing but desolate ground. Manifestation and abundance is birthed from love and a hunger for relationship with Me. All things are added when you gain revelation of the power of a true relationship between who you truly are in spirit and My Spirit. You cannot possess any qualities that will bring harm to you, others, or your purpose, when you are in constant pursuit of My presence. This pursuit is purposed to bring you knowledge of the power of tapping into the spirit realm, and to ultimately bring you into a complete realization of your spiritual gifts. Operating in spirit as I am calling you, requires a deep and personal understanding of the spiritual gifts you carry through the power and teaching of the Holy Spirit, then becoming those gifts through the power of our relationship.


Elevation of your spiritual gifts, opens you up to being sought by others by becoming a gateway to learn how to tap into their spirit to become completely connected to My Spirit. This responsibility cannot be born from wanting, it is only birthed in becoming. Focus on becoming all you seek from Me and you will find it. If you seek peace I will give you peace. After you receive peace, seek to become peace so I may move you into being a door to show someone else where the road to the pursuit of peace ends. As they recognize peace in you, they will want peace. Because you became peace by receiving peace, they are now at the right door to seek and find peace. This is how every gift is useful to the lost and unbeliever. Seek Me first, lead others who are lost to the living water, and you will see the abundance of becoming a thing with the intention of giving it away. True spiritual maturity is knowing the power you carry and the level of prosperity it will bring you, then laying it at My feet to be transformed once more. This level of perspective will cause you to possess a well that never runs dry, and you will know Me in a way that has not been seen in this world.


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