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Remember the words I gave you. The excitement you felt when the vision was made clear. The faith that overtook you, and the feeling that together, anything was possible. You prayed, you fasted, and you thought about what we would do together day and night. You prayed for clarity, you prayed for faith, you prayed for direction, you prayed for provision, you prayed.


When I release the vision for your life, I am pulling for an activation of your spirit. For your spirit knows when I have touched you and released the map, or blueprint for your life. Before this moment, the moment where everything comes together, you are in a period of searching. You are in search of meaning, you are in search of what you are on Earth for. You are in search of what will bring purpose and depth to your life. When you are touched with the vision for your life, you no longer seek out what will fill the hours, you begin to seek out what will fill the soul of the whole of who you are. You begin to seek wholeness and a realization of who you are meant to be. You should then begin to seek to take your overflowing cup and pour into others.


Many are fooled into immediately seeking resources for the plans I release for your life. This is a natural, but unnecessary endeavor. If you have been given knowledge of the plan for your life, then you are ready to be molded into who you will need to be to accomplish what I have tasked you with. Immerse yourself in the spirit. The resources you need to accomplish what I have called you to do, lie in the spirit realm. You will need to be transformed, renewed in your mind, and equipped spiritually with all you will need to withstand the demands and pressures the world will undoubtedly place upon you. A person purposed and ordained, but not spiritually whole and grounded in the fruit of the spirit, is a person soon to be empty and seeking once more. I do not want this for you. Do not take the grand plan for your life, and begin to rely on your natural mind to find ways to manifest what I have released to you. Anything I give to you has been fully resourced from beginning to end, and the manifestation of those resources relies on the condition of your heart. Many never meet the true purpose for their lives because their hearts are not in a place to relinquish all in spirit. A greedy heart may have knowledge of the plan for their life, but they will never realize it in its fullness because of the all-consuming nature of a heart that is rooted in natural fruit. Seeking natural fruit to realize a supernatural purpose, will result in the death and decomposition of who you are meant to be. Seek the everlasting. There is no lack in purpose, only ill-seeking and misguided effort.


When you are operating in your purpose, or have been given the first steps and vision for your life, it is time to humble yourself and sit with Me. Any purpose released, is also met with much opposition because it serves a greater purpose. With your individual purpose, lending to the collective advancement of the Kingdom, and its acceptance of those who are lost to also find their destiny, you will find a plan to oppose you. You will not withstand this attack if you run into the center of the vision for your life without a solid foundation. This foundation must be rooted in prayer, discernment, meekness, a humble spirit, and a mind-set on taking a backseat to the urgings and instructions of the Holy Spirit. If you seek Me, I will release the vision and call for your life. If you want full release and resources to realize your purpose, be willing to hand it all back to Me. I will show you how to multiply what is given to you, and endlessly feed nations who are starving for the fruit of Heaven to enter into their lives.



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