The Mark

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The sin of man exists as a direct connection to govern, please and elevate oneself. The flesh you all carry is not the outer covering of the body you have in this life. The flesh you carry is the mindset to be lord of your own life, rejecting the wholeness I offer, and the salvation you can receive from the sacrifice of Jesus. You sin in rejecting relationship with Me, and creating atmospheres where I can not dwell with you. When I am absent from your life, there is only one other option — to follow your natural mind using natural devices. This keeps you away from Me,  causes you to miss the mark of your calling, and the importance of relationship with Me.


When you are deceived in pursuing what will bring you value in the Earth, you become married to the temporary, seeking temporary things. The everlasting that dwells within Me and My connection to your spirit, is what your earthly pursuit is about. You are living to get to the everlasting. You are living to experience the everlasting while you are here. You exist to be in relationship with Me. If there is anything that keeps you from abiding in Me, and I in you, I then call it sin. Only you know the relationship we have, and that is what pleases Me. Intimacy between you and Me is not to be defended in the court of man. Through our relationship, all will know and bear witness by the fruit you bear. They will then discern and have proof you are one with The Father. That is the proof I offer so My children do not bind themselves with those who oppose Me.


Missing the mark of the higher calling — everlasting life, is what many lack revelation about. Understand My characteristics and you will know where you stand in the eyes of your Father. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, I only require you to love one another, and pursue an intimate  relationship with Me without barriers and boundaries.


I want limitless access to you so I may show you how much I love you. I want complete surrender so I may bless you and show you the path the wholeness. Living this life, full of sin (separation), saddens Me because it keeps you from experiencing the type of relationship you were created for. I will meet you with love first, then correction, to shift your atmosphere to one where we can dwell together. When you miss the mark, My Spirit will redirect you to the place of wholeness I have laid out for you. No one shall condemn My children but the Father. Seek Me when you meet opposition, I will point you in the direction that leads to eternal life. A person that becomes a judge, is a person that has departed from Me, and has called themselves lord. If they do not repent, I will have to depart from them. I will openly accept who I know and who seeks to know Me. I will bless who pursues Me, and I will protect those that commit their lives to loving others and with love, point them to lay at My feet to receive correction and instruction. Allow Me to be King in your life, and I will serve you as you seek Me. We will enter into a relationship that will strip all you’ve been taught about the boundaries that exist between you and Me, and we will walk into the vastness of an unconditional love relationship between a Father and His child.




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