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Salvation is found in the Savior.  You cannot come to salvation but by the One who saved you. Jesus is the foundation on which you should build your life. He is the hope, breathe, and salvation of the world. His sacrifice was made to provide you with an opportunity to stand on a solid rock and call Me  yours and you Mine. We became one through sacrifice, and will fulfill this plan for the whole salvation of the world through sacrifice.


Your willingness to sacrifice through adversity and condemnation, will be what saves so many from living a false and ill-purposed life. You can be the light in this world. Your light, through understanding the sacrifice Jesus made, and taking His message of relationship,  love, acceptance, grace, and repentance, will outshine the flickering and dim light of religion. Know who you are as you are confirmed in spirit by My hand and My Spirit. Understand I have given you the authority to rebuke salvation cloaked in brimstone, judgement and hate. In turn, I send you out amongst the nations to bring My children back to Me with love, and prepare them for a time where drought will come to all who speak falsely in My name.


I am raising up a strong people, who relentlessly seek Me, and will not bow down and cower in the face of adversity. They will take the words I have given them and cast them like rose petals at the feet of their accuser, while carrying a strong fragrance of hope and love.  They will greet all they meet with sound doctrine written on their hearts by the Holy Spirit. I have written the shift on their hearts and projected My plans for this world before their eyes. Heed the words of  one who has been chosen. Know My Spirit is with them, and they will speak the truth in the face of death. They are covered and will not be burned by the fire of religion. Seek love and you will find it, give love and you will receive love.  Become love and you will know love. I look upon the Earth seeking out those who hunger for perspective, and are willing to lay everything down at My feet and be filled with words of grace, glory, and love.


I am God. Do not speak for Me. Speak only about the things I have stamped upon your tongue as it relates to your purpose and calling. If you have not sought Me in this time for your position in the earth, clamp your lips together with a snare. I will release you when you have begun to speak the words I give you from your spirit. Be wary of the one who speaks solely from their lips, and not their spirit, and those who blindly rebuke the manner in which I reveal Myself and My Word. Receive the Word from those whose words are confirmed by the Spirit into your spirit, are in line with the teachings of Jesus, and propel you into seeking and laying hold of ordained purpose. The spirit holds all truth and revelation, and from The Spirit a new nation will be formed from a generation all thought were dead.




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