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I am many things to many people. Being God to so many and so few. Being God for you. The idea of who I am is vast and spans across many generations, languages, ideas, and judgements. To know you are in search of Me causes Me to in turn seek after you. I am in search of those whose heart I can inhabit and allow to come to a better understanding of who I am and what I want from and for you. Many have questions about My expectations of you. Every expectation and creation is born from love. Through love we are able to communicate, and through love you are equipped with the faith you need to believe in Me. Through love I am able to express who I am. I expect love. I show love so you may know what true love is, and in turn show pure love to each other. From an intense amount of love I am God. From an unfathomable amount of love I am you.


When you think of Me, understand I am only to be understood from a lens of love. I am only embraced through love, and this is the only way I embrace you. Love in its purest form is the whole of who I am. Begin to seek and understand love and you will come to know Me better. I will transform from the wrathful God so many speak of into the truth of who I am that some of you have come to know. A God of love because I am love. A God of peace because I am peace. A God of joy because I am joy. A God of victory and truth because I am. I am all things that make up the many pieces of who you are, and what I want from you is for you to begin to become more of the whole of who I am.  The closer you are to love, the closer you are to Me. Pure love cannot be tainted. Pure love cannot be empty, and pure love cannot be mistaken for anything other than a complete giving of oneself for the betterment of another.


The love I have for you stems from the purest sense of who I am which is all things, but most importantly is love. I would have you understand My love for you, so you may come to know its endlessness. Through an understanding of the unconditional love I have for you, you will know through every season of your life that I am working on your behalf from a place of pure love. This means I will always want the best for you. It also means I am incapable of doing anything to harm you. It all works for your good, even when you do not understand, and even when the enemy tells you I am out to punish you. This is never the case. I do not punish those I love, I may correct what brings you out of alignment, but it is always done from a place of love. If you can come to understand that, then you will never live another moment of your life in doubt of the outcome. When you are confused, weary, anxious, faced with fear, and full of doubt, begin to think about this love I describe. You will know how you can approach Me in your times of need. You can approach Me as someone who loves you with all that love stands for and has to give. A realization of My love will guide you through this life, and the understanding that you carry the same love I have for you will cause you to live this life constantly seeking life for yourself and life for those around you. If anyone ever asks who I am, why you believe in Me, or how you can serve a vengeful God, begin to explain love to them. This will dispel any false idea of Me sitting on high in unjust judgement and manipulation. Offer perspective into who I am by speaking about love from a place of love. Love opens eyes, minds and hearts to the possibility of more and the reality of being in relationship with Me. It all comes down to love.



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