What you store is what you will retrieve when you are in need. What are you storing? Broken hearts and painful memories fill your storage with hurt, unforgiveness, distress, and pain. This is what you will have to refer to when you are in search or need of help and restoration. Life will be difficult. You will experience pain. You will encounter times when you are not sure of the direction to go or My timing to manifest things in your life. In the midst of these trying times is not the time to inventory what you have in storage. When the drought comes, what will you have to fill you?


Store up joy, love, and My promises for you. Store up peace, wisdom, and positive thought. What you hide in your mind and spirit is what will emerge when you are in times of need.  Your storage closet requires maintenance. What you store in your heart is what will come out of your mouth when times turn into potential tribulation. The darkness of doubt and discouragement await those who have not cared for their storehouse. Who have you allowed in? Who have you removed that was caring for what you carried? What do you need to regulate the temperature so you do not perish?


I offer all you need to store up all you will need for the inevitable winters of life. Getting through these times of pain and doubt find resource in prayer and seeking Me. Allow Me to pour Myself into you. Allow Me to fill your storehouse with what I know will insure your success through the trial. Do not cling to what will drag you further into a pit when you find yourself needing reassurance. Store the everlasting and you will prosper through the trial. Store the light and when darkness approaches you will not find yourself without sight. All you need is within My love for you. All you require to carry you through lies within our time together, which feeds your spirit. If you allow your spirit to discern and take charge of what you keep in storage, you will find yourself whole when things come to break you. I never promised life would be easy, but I do promise that you can and will have what you need to carry you through the trial and storm if you keep the right things in storage when everything else is  depleted. Pray for restoration of your storehouse and you will not starve when the enemy comes to claim your resources. When trouble comes to your door your valuables will be locked away in your heart and spirit, and you will find yourself on the other side of trouble ready to be filled again.


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