Growth requires you to understand where true strength lies. You are strong in spirit and therefore become strong in your endeavors in the Earth. Without a true connection to My Spirit, you will not have the tools to live life successfully. You will lack what you desire to live fulfilled, and need to experience the manifestation of what I have promised you. I call you to become immovably steadfast in your hunger to experience and pursue the spirit realm. I call you to seek who you are in spirit so you may know your position in the earth. I call you to relinquish the desire to fulfill your earthly needs, and come to understand what you gain in spirit will fuel what you need in the natural.


With a solid foundation built on faith, an understanding of who I am, and the power you carry because of the revelation of our relationship, you are able to step out of the confines and restrictions of the world, and live a life with an understanding of how to carry the resources of Heaven into the Earth.  As I do not operate within the confines of this world, I call you to grow into your inheritance and understand you are not bound to live limited or under-resourced. As you grow in our relationship, you will come to understand through the process of trials, triumphs and tests, you are to live this life with an elevated perspective and come to know the truth — the veil is all that stands between you and destiny. Remove the veil and you will experience increased vision and understanding. Know you are not a victim of a cruel world, you are set apart, and are a spirit realm experience away from truly separating yourself from the mindset that keeps so many bound.


Growth in spirit means you are no longer a slave to your flesh. You are no longer inhibited by what comes to falsely claim your life and your identity. Become angry about being stagnant. Become an insatiable pursuer of truth, revelation, and increased understanding of who you were created to be. Know who you are and no enemy can infiltrate your thoughts with who you are not. I am calling for growth. This will require you to experience a few growing pains, to be stretched beyond your comfort zone, and to experience living on the outside of the fragile mindset of the unbeliever. With this new position, begin to be a light. Begin to show yourself changed by grace and enlightened to the truth. With sacrifice of the perishable things you once clung to, you are now holding onto what is everlasting. With the pain of stretching your spirit beyond your flesh, you now possess what no man can take away from you. You now possess the revelation of eternity. Your life is but a fleeting moment. What you are truly fighting to obtain is the future you hold in eternity.


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