The Veil

The veil, like smoke in a distant land, comes to consume every part of you. It does not stop, it does not grow tired, and it never grows weary. The veil, like a phantom in the dawn of day, comes to consume every individual thought. It comes to stand directly in your line of sight. It comes to surround every part of you. It comes to shroud just enough of your judgement where you don’t feel you are being controlled.


The veil is like a foul and wonderful aroma. It entices with its bright colors and flashing lights, then comes to engulf you in a life of distraction, confusion, disarray and willful blindness. You are not a victim, you are THE victim. You are individually sought after for what you can contribute to the lie. You are the igniting force of what comes to consume this world. You nourish and give life to the offspring of the fall of man. You embrace it like an innocent child. You carry it with you like a designer handbag. You have embraced a society of nothing. You have called it to the forefront of all you do and refer to it by name. You have submerged yourself in this false idea of entertainment and the self. But you are no more wholly identified than a grain of sand. Are you human? Are you creation? Or, are you molecules floating through time and space, looking and searching for a place and person to call your own? You are not what I would describe as enlightened or rare. You are a child floating down a river, not knowing that if what holds you afloat vanishes, you are not able to swim.


You are not doing this alone. You have much help. You have an entire universe of encouragement to continue this false and empty life. You have much support to crowd together and hold onto the nothing you call breath and life. You have not been awakened. You are asleep, but I assure you I am coming to touch every spirit of every man. I assure you I am descending upon this earth to shatter every stronghold and binding rope the enemy has placed over you. Yes, this world is not real. Yes, this world is very real. The only reality you face is the reality that all you believed to be concrete is crumbling between your fingertips.


You are no longer a steward of the world you call your own. You are merely a vapor sucking in the poison being given to you and calling it food. If I opened your eyes to the truth you live in, you would surely faint and die. You would surely lie down never to get up again. Who are you? What defines you? More importantly, who am I? Sitting on high, wearing white robes, and delighting in the essence of My greatness? A God who needs you to worship Me so I can continue to be God? You are mistaken, and anyone who attempts to truly introduce you to Me carries the burden of knowing the truth. This is all about love, something many of you no longer believe in. The deceiver has finally succeeded in making love into a thing some search for but is never gained. He has succeeded in shrouding you in isolation and darkness and calling it self discovery. You are lost. You are not awake, and you are not living.


Would you like to know the truth? Would you like to experience life as you were meant to? Is this life satisfying for you? Do you know who you are? Why do you wake up in the morning? Is it because I give you the gift of another day, or is it because the world keeps spinning and what brings death in this world has not yet claimed you? If you want to live and die, ignore the truth. If you want to maintain this empty and false life you cling to, do not lift your voice to Heaven. Do not cry out in despair. Do not approach the throne room asking to be saved from what you held so dear. If you want to turn in the veil you wear and become irreversibly aware of the world you live in, why it is as it is, and how to change it, then you must let go of the idea of comfort, understanding, and  logic. I will not be intellectualized. I will not be simplified, and I will no longer simplify the truth for you. It is time to wake up. It is time to rip the scales from your eyes and look to Me for the next dimension and step in your life. You will not find it in your peers — they are just as asleep as you are. This world has so much to offer, but you are being blinded to the truth. You are not spinning on this rock to live distracted, unfit, and unfruitful lives. You are here to experience glory, wisdom, knowledge, and true power, which is a God-view of the world and the world around you.


Stop living your small life. Ask for a true spiritual awakening. For the non-believer, ask for the truth to be revealed and I will not first point you to the cross. I will open your eyes to the truth you already think you know. Evolution, the sense of self, the “human-condition”, and science. I will show you the decaying and despondent life you currently live. I will show you why you constantly reject the idea of life for fear of having to walk toward what you cannot understand. You want more, but you are comfortable, and that is a very scary place to be. I will then reveal the truth of who Jesus is and why He is so vital to your advancement and survival. If you believe you do not need Me in this world, then within that thought you are correct, but I assure you, you will need Me, and not find Me, in the next one. You cannot drop the veil on your own. It is fused to the very core of who you are. It is removed by faith. With faith I can show you the truth. With faith I can remove the veil, wake you up to the truth, and reveal who you truly are — more importantly, reveal who you truly are not.


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