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Approach this new season with boldness. Do not come into this new season in your life with a faltering idea of where I am taking you. Call out the promises I have made. Call out every word I have given you and begin to declare it boldly. With boldness you will step into this new dimension. With boldness you will defeat the enemy and claim what is yours. Come to me humble in supplication but bold in asking for the promise to manifest. We are moving into the next dimension of our relationship. This is a time where there are no barriers between us. There are only shifts in prayer and a manifestation of My Spirit in your atmosphere. I am with you. I am watching over you, and I am telling you to stand boldly and declare the Word of the Lord.


You will meet many naysayers in this time. There will be many who you cannot confide in, but you will find rest in Me. You declare the issues and triumphs of life boldly to Me and I will hear your prayers. I will sit with you in our meeting place and dispel all that keeps you in a state of unbelief. With boldness you will see this world change, and with boldness you will take your rightful place as My child. You are not to disappear into the night, but let your light shine boldly. You know what is on the horizon, you know what I have promised, and you know My Word is always true. I do not make false claims or speak things because I imagine they would bring Me joy. I speak the truth, and the truth for you in this season is, if you do not approach the promise with boldness but from a place of fear, you will not see the fruit of your labor. I cast out fear, I do not work through it. Cast out the devil that tells you I am not who I say I am. Cast out the devil who tells you, you are not who I say you are. You have been set a part for this time to carry out what I have given you charge over, and it will come to pass. I do not speak these things lightly, nor do I call you into the wilderness to leave you thirsting and alone. You have been called out to be set apart. You have been called out, so that I will look in the dry places and find My children there. No one wants to be in the desert, but I know who follow Me by your willingness to follow Me into the unknown. I will then move you into the realm of your calling. You will move into this place with an immoveable foundation, and an assurance that My will shall be carried out through you.


I am no longer looking down on this world awaiting the time where everything will change. I am here. You have felt My presence in ways you never though possible. My spirit is busy going to and fro throughout the Earth training and positioning those who are called to be at the forefront of this shift. We are all here, inhabiting your praise throughout the Earth. Pulling down strongholds and releasing you into your destiny. The time is now. Do not worry about tomorrow, for I have already taken care of every day until the end of time. But walk in boldness today, for this is the day I have given you power and authority in. Seek Me today for what you need to ready yourself for what is to come. Do not worry yourself with the details of the larger picture, know that what I have spoken to you is true, and know that you are the one to see it through. Pray for a spirit of boldness, and I will come upon you to speak with power and authority. With boldness you will walk out of your old life, and with boldness you will step into your new one.


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