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Do not mourn what leaves your life. If you are seeking to walk in your purpose and destiny, there are many things and people who I will remove from your life. It will seem sudden and you will find it hard to understand, but you didn’t get it wrong. I am moving and shifting things in your life to take you into your higher calling. You will experience many unfamiliar things in this season. You will look around you and everything will be different. This is a sign that you are on the right track. Do not grow complacent. Do not mourn what I remove, instead, rejoice in the coming of the next dimension in your life. You will not have all of the answers, but do not seek them on your own. Come to Me in prayer. When I begin to shift things in your life, I know this is an uncomfortable process for you, but I have made every provision for you to succeed in  this season. If you find yourself alone, know I am with you. Call forth perfect peace and an outpouring of My presence to surround you. I will never leave you, and even when it seems I am nowhere to be found, I am shaping you.


The life you are destined to live requires you to be alone with Me at times. I will place people in your life to receive Godly council from. Do not consort with fools. Speak with those who are also seeking to realize their purpose and destiny. Seek those who know how to pray and encourage you to stay the course. Do not curse your past, or your future. You did not get it wrong. This is season is going to require you to stretch yourself, and when you reach breakthrough into your next dimension, more will be required. I am not dooming you with a hard life, you will have many comforts and blessings. But, if you are to truly know who you are and live the life I purposed you for, you will meet opposition. You will oppose yourself, the enemy will oppose you, and people will oppose you. Now is the time to identify your foundation, know exactly where you are standing, and decide you will not be moved. This decision is crucial to the next steps in your life. As you remove the veil and pick up your crown, you are making a declaration to reject the expectations of the world. You are declaring that you are following Me. You are making a bold statement and by declaring this, your will surely leave your life of comfort and move into the supernatural.


You will be guided by My hand and governed by your spirit. This new season in your life isn’t meant to carry you through the year. I am not calling you to get through these next six months, only to fight the same battles in the new year. I am calling you out. This world is about to radically change, and you are called to take action and play an integral part in the shift. You will see those around you fall away or be saved. It is your job in this season to not tolerate the conversations of fools, but to encourage everyone to wake up from the distractions of the world and move into realizing their purpose. This is your call to action. Relinquish what the world has handed you. Reject carnal expectations and desires and take hold of the opportunity in front of you. You understand things must change and the change begins with you. You will not sit by and watch things happen. You will be instructed to be the change. I am not raising up mindless drones to realize a dream I have. This is for you. To take back what the enemy has stolen and live the life you are called to live. A life full of joy, peace, prosperity and love. Search your heart for the truth I have placed on the inside of you. It lies there waiting for you to take hold of it. Do not spend one more day wondering. I do not hide your destiny from you, it remains hidden because of fearing what it may require. There is not need to fear, because it will require everything. But, you will not leave anything behind that I have not made provision to replace ten times over.


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