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Sit in just cause, think through the lens of love, and act with a cheerful and humble heart. This is how you will experience the power within you and the power that I can manifest through you. Power is not in a heavy hand. It is not in a spiteful tongue. It is not in a belittling spirit. Power lies in the wise and just. True power lies within those who have shown themselves able to serve. Those who do not resent those who have much, but spend their time and attention being good stewards over what they have been given. I am looking for those who are seeking to be good stewards over issues of the heart. These attributes are not bought, they can not be harnessed or sold. They are given freely to all men, and they are taken into great account when I look upon the Earth to raise people up and bless them.


There is power in meekness, for the man who rules with a heavy hand lives like a sledgehammer being taken to a rock. The rock cannot cry out, it can only be broken. The hammer then moves onto its next conquest. But woe to the man who holds the hammer, for there is a greater power which holds the man. The spirit of God holds all in the palm of His hand and will rebuild every broken rock and disassemble every hammer. I see your struggle, and I have given you power and charge over every enemy. You may not see revenge through delivering the same means to those that wrong you, but you will be given everlasting power — Power through wisdom, power through revelation, power through increased understanding, and power to see the world around you change and position itself to show you favor. Turn your back on your enemies for their spear will not pierce any part of you. A day of judgement is coming where all men will stand and account for their lives, but a just man, a man who has turned from wickedness, listened to the teachings of those I am raising up, and walk in new revelation, will be held in high regard and rewarded for their willingness to sever the tie, rebuke the enemy, and walk with Me.


I will guide you to the mountain, and as you leave this world behind, you will carry the full power of My Spirit. You will walk and not grow weary. You will stand tall in the grace of God, and you will reach your hand low to rescue all who seek to be saved. I will soon reveal My generals, those who have sat in quiet meetings with Me. They have been trained and raised up for such a time as this. You will meet them soon. You will behold their faces and know they carry the Spirit of the Lord with them. Through their power and authority you will experience this new world. You will find joy and peace in the world I have instructed them to build. One free from bondage, free from the rule of man, and free from every distraction and falsehood Satan has shrouded you with. This is not a time of mourning. You will not wear sackcloth and drag yourself into this new dimension. This will be a time of rejoicing where you will experience signs, wonders, and miracles. You will see the transfer of wealth, you will see miraculous healing, and you will stand shoulder to shoulder with all of your brothers and sisters in Christ. You will cast out devils, and you will usher in the presence of God. You will experience Heaven on Earth. The time is near.



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