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Readiness of the heart is very different from readiness of the mind. Your mind is like a storm cloud. Blown with the wind and releasing what it holds on whatever lies beneath it. This is the case when your mind is not governed by your heart. Your heart is what I hold most dear. Conquer the heart and everything else will fall in line. When you are in pursuit of the things I have placed within your heart, you will find success in all you do. When you are in pursuit of what your mind has rationalized, you cannot win. You will be blown to and fro, always seeking and never making a lasting impact. Pursue love, wisdom and knowledge and you won’t need to pursue leaving a legacy. All will remember the life you lived.


Pursuit is the most powerful captor in all of the universe. What you pursue is the product of where your pursuit is birthed from. Everything is in pursuit of another thing. This is the behavior that governs you every moment, of everyday. So what are you in pursuit of? What has you so focused that you are willing to do anything to obtain it? More so, what is your plan after you have obtained this thing?


It is in the pursuit of a thing that you are most fulfilled. Once you obtain what you have been after, you will have to move on to the next pursuit. This is how you and every other creation in the world is made to function. In constant pursuit. So how has the enemy perverted this amazing instinct you have to go after a thing with all of your heart, mind, and soul? He has perverted it by causing you to obsess over the pursuit of false happiness The veil the devil has made for you, causes you to believe you are in pursuit of something that will complete you or make you happy. Many are like a hamster in a wheel. There is no end, there is no destination, only a false sense of doing that leads you no where.  As you run this never-ending and empty race, he hopes you never wake up to what you were designed to pursue. It is his hope that you will die running your race with your tattered veil obscuring your vision, and your body worn and broken. You are running the wrong race and consuming yourself with things that matter as much a leaf fluttering in the wind. Who is concerned with where it lands?


This is not what you were created to be.


The most horrific thing about this scenario, and the part that makes Me most angry is, when this is the end result of your life, a piece of Me has gone to the Earth and never realized its potential. I mourn every lost soul, for it is not able to return to Me. This seems cruel. Why send you here, if the odds of you failing to realize your potential are so high? The answer is simple. No part of Me that is split from My very being, is meant to operate apart from the whole of who I am. This is why in the beginning, before your inheritance was stolen, we were constantly together, constantly communicating, and you were constantly in pursuit of developing your relationship with Me. Through this relationship, I was imparting wisdom and knowledge of how to command things of this world and make them work for you, instead of you working for it. The world is just that, a thing. A thing given to you to enjoy and govern over. It now rules over and governs you. As you gained the knowledge of good and evil, you were driven to pursue what you were not meant to have or gain knowledge of. This knowledge was used to shroud you in shame and cause you to hide yourself from Me. The knowledge of a good thing versus an evil thing, is the most powerful knowledge a man can possess, and the most detrimental. You do not know what to do with such knowledge when you operate apart from Me. You cannot comprehend how to live in a world where your will to decide what is good and what is evil is decided in your mind and has no connection with your heart. The lack of decision-making with your heart is a lack of decision-making with your Father. How can you govern yourself and those around you when you do not know the outcome? How can you decide what a man should do with his life when you do not know his end from his beginning? This is the false world you live in. Veiled children attempting to govern themselves and those around them with no foresight, and no knowledge of how to make all of Heaven and Earth work together for your benefit. Yes you have free will, but you have been foolish to think living in this world apart from its Creator would ever bring you anything besides pain and suffering.


There is so much suffering in the world and it is simply because you are in pursuit of the wrong thing.


Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and I will unlock the secrets of this world. You will gain a knowledge and wisdom on how to make all of this work in your favor. You will stop running your false race. You will cease fighting your brother to gain the upper hand. You will stop pursuing things that make you feel as though you are making a difference in your circles. You will regain the power and influence Adam had. He was given charge of the world and everything in it. He understood how it all worked, and had he not handed over his inheritance, the world would have been populated with people who also had that same understanding. Your relationship with Me is the only relationship that matters. Without it, you will most certainly fall prey to what the enemy has planned. Sure yourself, steady yourself, plant yourself in Me, and I will rebuke all that comes to devour you. I will open up doors you didn’t know were right in front of you. Most of all, you will have an immoveable foundation, and all of Heaven backing you, and all the Earth bending to what I have purposed for you.


I no longer want to see any of My children running this pitiful race. This race that is only purposed to bring you into the pit. I will draw you out and raise you up. I will set you in high places and show you how to live in a new Eden.


We’ve created a playlist to help set an atmosphere of pursuing God first. We’ll keep adding to it as we find music that supports our efforts to keep God first in all things. Enjoy!



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