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Lack of recognition can spoil a man, as can the abundance of recognition. So what is it you seek? The relationship you are forging with Me is of far greater value than any recognition you could receive from any man. The love I show you in building your character to withstand the lack of recognition moving into an abundance of recognition should be kept at the forefront of your mind. Your days may get lonely, and your nights may lack what you had in your false life but, I am shaping you. When I call you into the light, you will undoubtedly need to relinquish what you have acquired on your own. These things will not sustain you when the true test comes. If you are forged in My love and My Spirit, you will not waste what I am calling you to. I see your pain, I know you are hurting , and you may be confused about the direction. Remember the destination, and take into account what will be required of you to live in the fulness of where you are being taken.


Those who are called to shape a nation, are also called into isolation. The most influential people you study in the Word, did not come from haughty beginnings. They came from a humble place, and were then further humbled to take possession of their calling. They failed when the burden they carried became too great. They fell time and time again, except One Man. My Son ensures your success and stands by interceding for your elevation. Know that I will call no one to do the prophesied work of God, and not give them every opportunity to succeed. You will not be swallowed up by the cold and vast waters of this world. I will teach you to call the solid rock in which you stand to wherever the waters are rising. This is what will sustain you. Your elevation will not be the doing of another. It will come as a mandate from Heaven, purposed and paid for before this world was formed. Do not despair. Do not become weary in the seemingly dry places of your life. Know you are standing in oceans of living water. Water you can drink from. Water you can heal in. Water you can give to others to bring them into their destiny and calling.


Do not grow weary in well-doing. Do not think I have left you to dry out in the desert. Seek Me when you are feeling hopeless, and I will give you hope. Seek Me when you feel you have gone in the wrong direction, and I will show you the compass of your heart. I will assure you it is pointing in the direction of the Most High. You may lack recognition from those around you, but you have acquired the full attention and recognition of your Father. With this we will stand together and watch the gates of hell collapse on themselves, and the righteous standing in the glorious light of victory.



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