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Do not fear what I promise you. When you fear what I reveal, or what I say I will give to you for fear of disappointment, you reject the blessing. Instead walk in boldness. I’d prefer you to boldly approach all I say to you, even if you didn’t hear it correctly, then slink back from what I reveal to you. When you walk in boldness, I can work through you.I can turn around what you may have missed to work for your good. I can continue to work on your ear, and developing your spirit, until you come to a place where you begin to declare things with such boldness, I can do nothing but see that things manifest for you.


An attitude of declaration is an attitude I love. I love and honor someone who believes in My promises. Someone who does not fear the outcome, and someone who knows in their heart, and believes with all of their being that what I say is true. If the promise seems too great, rejoice. If what I’ve promised you seems impossible, give thanks for what it will require to get you there. When you reach each destination I am taking you to, I will have changed you inside and out. You will talk differently, you will experience the world with an elevated and new perspective, and you will know in your heart that I do not elevate you, then drop you off and leave you to wander alone. There is always a next level I am calling you to. There is always more I require to bring you into your new perspective, your new heart position, your new speech, your new faith, your new joy, and your new level of provision. When I declare something over you, it must not only manifest, it is already done. I have completed all I have promised you. It is now up to you to reject fear and move boldly toward where I am calling you. If you do not yet have what you need to do what I have called you, then you are to meet Me in prayer. Meet me in the secret place and I will begin to impart all you need sustain your character as I am bringing you the resources to accomplish what I have called you to do.


The enemy wants you to fear your blessing. He wants you to look back over every disappointment you experienced in your life and believe the promise of your blessing is another setup. He wants you to mourn the good news I bring to you, and tell you I am not talking about you. He will tell you these things will pass you over and move onto someone who is worthy of the task I am a calling you to. He will strike your heart with doubt, and call your eyes to close on the brilliant light I am showing you. He is a not only a liar, it is his fear he is projecting onto you. He fears your purpose, he fears you walking in the fullness of your anointing, and he fears you will wake up one day and know who you truly are. Everyday I will tell you who you are. Everyday I will remind you of your calling, and when you begin to boldly believe it, the enemy will flee from you, for he cannot contend with you when you have knowledge of who you are. This is why it is so important to declare over yourself and speak into your spirit what I have revealed to you. When you begin to declare it out loud, the enemy cannot stand, and he must depart from you. The more you declare and begin to believe, the more confused he becomes. The more confused he becomes about how to pull you out of purpose, the more you begin to take back what he has stolen from you. You then begin to reclaim your inheritance, and move into the position I am calling you to.


You must believe, and you must have faith. These are your weapons against the fear that comes to steal your destiny.


Just as there is and always will be more you can acquire in this world as the shift comes to pass, I am also releasing you into a new season of vision, knowledge, wisdom, love, peace, and joy. This can be acquired where ever you are on your path to purpose. Do not wait to receive these things. Seek them relentlessly, and you will be sustained and covered when the shaking of the foundation of the world begins. I will give you much, and I trust you with much, but  you must come into an understanding of who you are. You are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for the crumbs of the rich to fall at your feet. You are the wealthiest person in the world. Rich in the blessings of your Father, and working faithfully toward the mark of the high calling. Know it is done in your spirit, and it will manifest in the natural. Do not covet your blessing, and do not mourn the timeline in which it manifests. Meet each day with a cheerful heart, delighting yourself in the things of the Lord and you will be blessed all the days of your life.


Become immoveable in your faith. Become unshakeable in knowing I am for you, I am never against you, and I am grooming you to change the world. The moment you let doubt and fear in, you make room for delay and destruction. I will not merely hand your destiny over to you, although I have already completed it. It will require drive, fortitude and obedience from you. It will require that you place your eye on the promise and refuse to be kept from it. You begin to take on a supernatural focus. One that does not waver and cannot be shaken. You act as the Holy Spirit guides you, and you move swiftly as I give direction. The blessing is yours. The promise is yours for the taking. The provisions for your trip have already been prepared. Walk out the process faithfully and know the key you hold. Know what you hold is access to the Kingdom of Heaven, and with a pure heart and faithfulness to fulfill your purpose, you will experience the promise, plan and destiny I set for you before this world was formed.


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