Why did I create everyone and everything to have unique gifts and qualities? Even as the spiritual gifts are numbered, your distinction allows you to carry them out in significantly unique ways. This is important for one reason. Your distinction is what allows the complexity in the world and spirit realm to have a representative for every need. The needs filled in the seen and unseen realms are numerous, and there is an infinitely precise number of ways they can be filled. This requires everyone to carry a unique set of personality traits, physical qualities and attributes.


Because I am all things, and everything stems from Me, there can be no two things alike. I do not create the same thing twice, but I will multiply a thing to occupy a vast number of spaces. This is how I see you. I see you as a beautifully unique creation, multiplied across many generations, to fill the need specific to your timeline. If you reject your distinction, you reject what I birthed in you, and ultimately miss the mark of who I created you to be.


Conforming to fleshly desires, and giving in to the need to “fit in” deeply saddens Me. The world is an amazingly eclectic place, filled with wondrous glory and variety. There is literally something for every creation on Earth, and this is only possible through an infinite number of distinctly created people, plants, animals, etc. The surface has not been scratched on how divers the world actually is. The variety cannot be held in a single mind, yet I hold it in a single thought. I have positioned everything to work in a perfectly designed harmony, yet many are dissatisfied with how they were created. You must understand, all that has brought you pain and suffering in this world, is not a product of My creation. It is a product of the human condition. Where I want you to create, you grow in greed and destroy. Where I urge you to be yourself, and love others as they are, you grow uncomfortable in your skin, and attempt to mold and reshape yourself to fit into an artificial mold.


If you would embrace your distinction, there would be room for Me to unfold the many layers to your life, and who you are. I would be able to show you the brilliance of operating just as I created you. Changing into something you are not is a painful, and unnecessary process. Changing into who I created you to be from your false self, is equally as painful. But living true to who you are, being led by the Holy Spirit, and operating in your unique gifts and talents, is the key to living a life completely enveloped in love, success, and complete satisfaction.


Dare to be different. Not different from who you are, but different from the false and idol expectations the world places on you. Dare to go into isolation with Me, and discover who you truly are. The cocoon will be tight, and uncomfortable. It will reduce you to nothing, and cause you  to want to break out early. But you must know, if you go through this process, fully committed to where I am taking you, you will re-emerge with an unmistakeable brilliance and glory. I will bring you those that would embrace the real you, and celebrate your distinction. You can then live life true to yourself, true to Me, and true to your calling. Trust Me, this is the life you want to live.



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