“When the Spirit of the Lord overtakes you, all that has kept you bound must release you. The Lords presence cannot be contested. It cannot be moved once it has descended, once you are chosen, you will never want to depart from His Love. This is the fusing of the Father with His child. He seeks to dwell within you. To overtake every area of your life. To offer you a glimpse of supernatural sustenance which will radically change your life until the end of your days. To show you what true connection with Him feels like. He is so pure, so loving, so true, and He is seeking to connect with you. To give you love, and provide for you. He is seeking to truly act as your Father. He sits on high and looks over the Earth. When He sees you, His hearts smiles. He looks at you and knows exactly what you are capable of. He knows every gift you carry, and every burden you will need to lay at His feet in order to be free. He wants to free you from your flesh. He wants to separate you from what keeps you in pieces. He wants to make you whole. He does not want you to be apart from Him. He wants to be one with you, guiding and teaching you in all things. He has sent Me to be with you. But I can only rest upon a surrendered soul.


Surrender is the key.


When you are able to surrender every moment of every day to the will of God, He will show up in your life in a way you cannot fathom. I will perform works through you. You will find favor where you once found judgement. You will find your jar full when the moment before you surrendered it was surely empty. All things are possible with the Father. He has so much to give, and He wants to give it to you. Surrender to Him, allow Me to work through you, and show you who you were truly created to be. You have been frail, you have been discouraged, your faith has been tested, you have questioned His promise, and you have wondered when you would truly gain revelation. You have searched and searched. Even in your prayers you were searching. You rebuked frustration and fear. You pressed toward the mark. Now you must surrender. Surrender every thought, every dream, and every ounce of your being to the Father. Truly let go, empty your cup before Him by asking Me to reveal every area you are full. Pour it out at His feet, and take hold of the cup of everlasting life, and blessing.


It’s all for you. There is no other He provides for. Each provision is tailor-made, to fit you. To fit who He’s created you to be. It cannot pass you over as you fully surrender. He searches for a surrendered heart to fill with His Glory. I will come upon you and reveal mysteries to you. I will provide you with all you’ve been searching for. I will activate the anointing within you. I will walk with you. Talk with you. Teach you. I will give you wisdom and knowledge. I will show you the place you hold in the heart of God, so you may show the love He has for you to others. You will be made whole in your surrender. Meet each day with an exacting obedience. No second guessing, or second thought. Act as quickly as the Word comes and you will be greatly rewarded.”



  1. I love this blog sooooooooo much!!!! Everytime I read this blog it breathes so much life into my life!! Keep doing what you’re doing because this blog is changing lives!!!!


    1. This is such a blessing to read! God is doing amazing things and we are so happy to know His word is being received. God bless your socks off! 🙂


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