Trust is not about coming to a place where you feel you have reached the end of your rope and have no choice but to lean on Me. Trust is knowing in your spirit that your Father has you. When I created each and every one of you I tethered you to Me. The enemy spends his time trying to cut the cord, but it is an unbreakable bond; it can only be forgotten in times where you also forget who you are.

Realizing My Love for you is all you need. When you feel and truly experience My Love you also then possess a trust that explains all things and comforts you in all things.

You are equipped with a longing to draw near to Me. Give in to this longing, trust this feeling, this is where we meet, this is where I can begin to truly reveal who I am and how I can provide for you. I can be all things and do all things for any of My children who give in to allowing me to operate in My perfect Love. When you worry or try to rationalize how much I should love you and what an appropriate amount of provision I should provide,  you are not allowing Me to show up for you in the way I desire. When you trust Me, you trust Me to blow your mind at how I show My Love. I can only operate in this place when you have faith and trust that I am who I say I am and My Promises never return void.

Put your faith and trust in Me and I will move mountains to show you how much I care for you.


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