Love or Fear?

“The enemy does not live on fear — the enemy is fear. Without fear, your enemy ceases to exist. When you remove fear and focus on love, you begin to experience who I have created you to be–a child of the Most High. A child with the ability to create a new reality rooted in faith and love. Let go of fear and you will begin to understand who you are.”

The Bible defines the devil as the opposite of God. Not an equal foe, but an opposite spirit that preys on us to keep us out of the will of God. When we fall into the hands of the devil, we potentially lose our seat in Heaven, and spend eternity in Hell. This may lead us to believe that God spends His time warring with the devil in order to protect us from his evil devices. This has been the premise of religion for thousands of years. No matter the creed, there is always a battle between good and evil.

I recently read Conversations with God. In this book the author describes an encounter with God where he asks a question, and God answers. Some ideas in this text were hard for me to grasp or believe. I struggled with how it read. It seemed too casual for a conversation with GOD.  Then, I remembered I experience the same thing each time I sit down to begin one of my blogs. God says something and I write it down and this becomes the premise of what I write. By relating to the author’s experience, I was able to ask God for clarity and discernment while reading this book.

Here’s what I learned…

Keeping an open mind with God is essential, yet hard for most of us to do. God is all things — knowing all things and creating all things.

God is love. The opposite of love is fear.

What God calls “fear”, we manifest as the devil, or Satan.

Fear \ˈfir\

noun- an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

verb- be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.

While the devil, as commonly depicted can be scary, a formless foe is unimaginably horrifying. Fear embodies everything we blame the devil for. Fear preys on our emotions. And, when we act out of fear, an infinite amount of possibilities to fail and live beneath our potential becomes a reality. We perceive to be the devil’s goal for us.

Fear can manifest in as many ways as we can imagine — as can love. This has nothing to do with anyone pulling the strings. Both rely on what we believe to be true — our faith and our trust in God. We have to begin to believe that we are who God says we are. We are an image of God. While we do not look like Him, we do possess God-like qualities. They live in each of us in spirit and when we tap into the God part of us (love), the supernatural becomes possible. With love we gain access to the tool God used to create everything we experience.

God is saying, “Choose love to conquer fear.”  We do not have to fight the devil, we have to learn to let him go, to disengage. Release fear, and choosing to function in love, accesses the God part of who we are, and creates a new reality. When we picture the enemy’s attack as a manifestation of our individual fears, we are able to thank God, in advance, for transforming those fears into manifestations of love.

The battles we face with our enemies are ultimately battles within ourselves — a battle with the manifestation of our own fears. This doesn’t mean those manifestations are not real. It means we have to choose how long we will engage with those fears. When fear rises up against us, our most powerful defense is to acknowledge, and become thankful, for the opposite reality of that manifestation. When we transform our fear into a manifestation of love, fear’s only option is to leave. This thankfulness becomes the catalyst for transformation.

Life is about a series of choices — choices rooted in revelation are game changers. When fear comes to you, speak to it. Choose to let your fears know you will no longer meet with them. Choose love and begin to see yourself as God sees you.


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