Alignment: God’s Initial Design

Your spirit will never align with your flesh. I did not create your body alone and in knowing you before you were formed, our relationship was in spirit. Your body was created to align with your spirit which is guided by the Holy Spirit. This is the only way to truly experience life and life more abundantly. You are a beautiful creature made in my image and your struggle will be to disconnect from your flesh and live guided by My hand through your spirit’s relationship and instruction from Me.

Our spirit almost never wants to do what our brain wants to do. Every decision rooted in the flesh (brain) is influenced by the part of us that is most disconnected from God. We were made to receive instruction from God, downloaded from Heaven into our spirit. When we are led by the Holy Spirit, we are operating within the constructs of our initial design. The Creator understands our purpose and potential and He knows what is needed for us to live a life that is purpose driven and in our best interest. Letting our minds lead us is like trying to put together a rocket ship with out ever reading the instructions. Even in our day to day lives, the products we buy are delivered with instructions from the manufacturer because they understand how the product should and should not work. So why would we leave out The Creator’s instructions when it comes to our lives?

God placed into our spirit all the knowledge we would need to live our life in accordance to His perfect design. When we begin to train our mind to consult our spirit, we can rest knowing our decisions and thoughts are coming from a pure place within us. Our spirit does not sin. When our brain is misaligned with the God part of us, our brain is open to influence from the enemy. The enemy wants us to act out of God’s will and he will try to keep us in a repetitive sinful pattern by preying on our mind. Our brain operates mechanically, but it is not designed to function on its own. While it has the ability to learn and perceive new things, our spirit is what turns that information into something that can be used by God.

We rely on our brain to send the appropriate signals to our body to keep our body functioning. Our brain, in all its complexity, only functions as it pertains to our existence. God created this extremely complex vehicle to help us function in the world, but He created our spirit to govern how we function in the world. The two can operate separately from each other, but we would not truly be living. The devil can influence our mind but he cannot gain victory over our spirit. This is why it is so important to strengthen our spirit through prayer, reading God’s Word and developing our spiritual gifts. In infantcy, we spend a great deal of time strengthening our brain, but when we are born again Christ, we must also spend a great deal of time strengthening our spirit. As we learn to live guided by our spirit, we can unlock our purpose and become who we were truly meant to be.

Imagine your spirit at the center of your body, while your brain is positioned closest to your eyes. This cannot be coincidence. Anytime we reference “giving it our all”, we reference our core — our gut. Our spirit, made in God’s image, lies at our center and God is teaching us to operate from our spiritual gut. We have to tame and train our brains to reference our spirit in every interaction and every decision. If we do not consult the most intelligent part of who we are, (our spirit, not our brains) then we may be heading in the wrong direction. Life is a journey of discovering who we are and ultimately God’s plan for our lives. God designed us to reach spiritual maturity at a relatively young age so that we can spend the rest of our time here strengthening our spirit and truly experiencing God. We are not here to become wealthy or gain power. We are here to bring every bit of heaven to Earth. We are here to operate in all of our spiritual gifts. We are here to unlock the mysteries of our spirit. We are here to experience God, the world and each other in a brilliant and new way.


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