What to do when God casts His vision for your life: The Path to Manifestation

Path“When given instruction do not hesitate to immediately begin to seek direction. I often give you the end without revealing the beginning. Your starting place is in the secret place, you must begin with seeking Me and My Plan for you. I do not operate this way to confuse you, I cast big vision to remind you that without Me nothing is possible. I call you back to Me to begin the journey to revelation and manifestation of all that I have promised.”

When God gives us a word, it can make us feel excited in knowing His plan for us. But how do we execute it? How do we keep up the energy? How do we align our lives with God’s vision and plan for us? The answer is simple and hard and frustrating and completely life consuming…

Complete and total surrender.

We must surrender to a list of things. Surrendering first to the fact that God is who He says He is, and without Him we can do nothing. The world has numerous examples of “self-made” people. This is completely false and a trick of the enemy. The devil would like for us to buy into the idea of being able to achieve personal and professional success apart from the will of God. If there is one thing that I’ve learned recently, it is that we will spend our lives chasing our tails and in constant search of the next proverbial high if we continue to live in this mindset. We are not here to gain status or possessions. We are created to live life within the construction of God’s will; we are created to love and serve Him as well as each other. While we do this, we gain revelation about the purpose for our lives. Often with this revelation of purpose we are met with joy, peace and prosperity that are a direct result of constantly and actively seeking out where God wants to work in and through us.

We must then surrender to His process. As we seek to live in purpose and gain revelation about God’s vision for our lives, we must know how to navigate the road that leads to the “promised land”. Often, immediately after God shows us what He wants us to do we have the thought, “that’s really exciting, but how the heck and I going to make that happen?” The answer is, we will NOT make anything happen. What we will do is begin the journey to figuring out how to entice God to continue to release instruction.

Entice?  Yes.

We enter into a love relationship with God. After revealing His vision for our lives, God expects us to enter into isolation with Him. In this isolation, God will love on us and begin to load us up with everything we need to battle our way to incremental manifestation of His vision. God is moved to show up for us and reveal Himself when we show an uninhibited willingness to seek Him and honor Him in all we do. (Even when He is quiet.)

Faithfulness is the catalyst to manifestation.

God wants us to meditate on the Word He has given and begin to bring it to fruition. This includes deep prayer (coming into agreement with what He’s promised through prayer), building our faith and tuning our ear and spirits to hear His voice.  We go into a sort of spiritual boot-camp. God strips us down completely, He begins to push us into doing serious “introspective” work (understanding we have to shift from operating in the flesh to operating completely in the spirit and being led by the Holy Spirit). Without this necessary work, we cannot move forward. Instead we will enter into frustration, feeling defeated and eventually become ineffective. The devil has created a place for our vision and dreams to die. It’s called self-interest and self-reliance.

We must surrender to the idea that we do not live for ourselves and our own interests, we live for Him and His vision. This could sound really crazy and “culty” to a lot of people. But the truth is, God knows us much better than we know ourselves. Because we are His creation, He understands the desires of our hearts better than we, or anyone else, ever could. Although the journey will in not be easy, we should be invigorated and excited that God is grooming us to realize our potential and understand what it really means to have our dreams come true.

When God gave me direction and purpose, it folded in all of my passion and interests. It also opened my eyes to things that I had no idea I was interested in. Sometimes God reveals to us the true desires of our heart and with that a world opens up to us that is cultivated with God’s perspective and we not only experience significant change on our lives, we begin to understand what sustainable change is and how it is directly related to living in the will of God.


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