What God revealed to me for His next move

A year ago, God began teaching me how to pray at deeper levels in the spirit that allowed me to come fully into His presence. It required a lot of support—I listened to highly-tailored music playlists, I took advantage of the time when my family was out of the house, I even used headphones so I could crank up some emotionally-charged songs that helped me focus on the goodness of God.  Prayer session after prayer session brought me closer and closer to the place God knew I would eventually find– His holy place.Vision

Breakthrough came all at once and also so subtly that I didn’t know it had begun until it was nearly over.  Almost like a dream, The Holy Spirit guided me into a vision and revealed to me what God had in store for us.

I saw a building on a high hill. Bigger than The Coliseum, grander than the Taj Mahal, the building was completely set apart from the city on a mountain of its own. In this building atop a mountain was a place where people could disconnect from the chaos of the world and truly commune with their Heavenly Father. Worshipers gathered. God’s children arrived by train, hungrily expecting God, leaving all of their worldly possessions and desires behind. Clearly they had already been praising God and worshipping during their entire train journey up the mountain. The expectation, faith and excitement in the air was palpable. Every person wore a smile from ear to ear. Outside the walls they were waiting to enter the inner area of the building where they were assured they would encounter God Himself. I looked at the enthusiastic faces of the crowd. I couldn’t understand what, exactly, they were anticipating. Their elation was similar to a gathering of teenaged fanatics awaiting their favorite music artist after a concert. This was the eagerness of the swarm I saw, except their delight was not triggered by false idols. They were completely desperate for God.

All of a sudden, my vision morphed. I was then inside the inner room full of worshippers. Again I was aware that everyone had been praying for hours, and worshipping in the spirit, even before arriving to the mountain. Every person left behind all that kept them distracted from the promises of God. No judgment, no cell phones, no gossip, no timidity, no cowardice, no doubt, no possessions, no evil, no negativity of any kind existed here. This was holy ground.

As I looked around at all of the people worshiping, singing, praying and communing with God, I noticed that they were all facing inward to the center of the building which was open to the sky above. A dark night sky was peppered with twinkling stars. There was music, but no stage; there was no place for a worship band to perform. There was no pastor or speaker to stand at a podium to address the people, though, this unmistakably felt like church. Was this church? Although the center seemed void, it was the focus of every worshipper. They were expecting something to happen there, though I knew not what.

The praise and worship of the crowd was growing steadily in intensity. As they gained momentum, erratic and robust bursts of energy came from individuals throughout the room. Screams of thankfulness and cries of love were flung out to God. The worshippers began to move forward into a deeper level of prayer but the push was not collective. At that time, I saw a light-blue wind appear from thin air and it begin to stir about the room. The wind was not really wind at all, but appeared more like a wisp of light-blue vapor that wove itself between the people in the crowd. Like a harmless flame, it licked the faces and forms of each figure it passed.  I watched with curiosity until I became aware of what I was seeing—a physical manifestation of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit touched each individual, stirring up and activating every spirit respectively and preparing them for deeper levels of prayer. It excited the praise within each believer. It increased the expectancy in the room. At this point, the exhilaration in the room was overflowing and permeating the atmosphere. The Holy Spirit continued to swirl about the room with detailed attention and gentle care; a push here, an urge there, a loving touch. All at once, everyone was transported to a deeper level as if The Holy Spirit was conducting each nuance and note of voices in a heavenly choir.

There, in the center of the room, the place of central focus, a shift began to occur in the atmosphere. The ceiling was open to the night sky above. I peered up. Sinking into the center of the room was a thick and slow-moving fog. It had the consistency of honey being poured from a bowl except it was transparent. The worshippers were nearly breathless. We were about to experience the full manifestation of God Himself.

*This is the beginning of the vision God has revealed to me. As God continues to reveal His plan for this generation, MixxLife will continue to release it to everyone. God has a big plan for us and we are excited to get to be a part of it! A new book on prayer called “Tap In” will be made available soon that includes a prophetic word for this generation. Get ready, God is moving. Tap In to your relationship with God and Get Connected to those around you. 



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