Give Me Faith

Faith is defined as, “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is also defined as, “A gift of the Holy Spirit.” We are constantly reminded to rely on God, believe in Jesus and live our lives emphatically believing in things many of us never physically see manifest in our own lives. If we can begin to understand how important faith is and how to grow and nurture it, we can begin to move into a new dimension in Christ.

So why is supernatural faith so hard?

If we have not had a supernatural experience it can be hard to believe what we often hear described in others testimony. I do not believe there is difficulty in believing that God moves in other people’s lives, I believe it can be a struggle to trust that it can happen for  “me”. I often feel an incredible amount of conviction for even voicing that I struggle with faith because I do have a relationship with God and know His Word to be true. So where is the disconnect? God exists without our faith but He does not move in our lives and we cannot grow our relationship with Him without faith. I now know that faith isn’t just believing that God is real, faith is an issue of the heart. When we have been hurt or disappointed and have had our hearts broken it becomes difficult to sincerely have faith.

So what do we do when we lose our faith?

Because faith is an issue of the heart we have to pray for God to mend every broken place in our lives and rebuild our hearts to mirror His heart. We cannot have what Jesus described as mustard seed and eventually move into supernatural  faith if our hearts are not right. We can have all of the ingredients to see a move of God but if we lack faith we will not experience a manifestation of His promise and provision. The devil will use a heavy heart to keep us doubting God and ultimately alone. God is the only one who can lift the burden and make us free to love and build our faith in Him. Everything that we attempt to accomplish to realize our purpose will come under attack. We must  continually pray for God to reveal where the enemy is working so we can come into agreement with God through prayer to turn what used to keep us away from God to begin to pull us closer to Him.

God understands our struggle but He is also requiring that we pray for revelation about how small our struggles are compared to the reward for showing ourselves faithful and pursuing Him. This is not because God is on a power trip, He knows there is nothing we can accomplish without Him. It is all for our good. God requires us to step out on faith and devote ourselves to Him while all along He knew what we would come up against. God knew that faith would be our greatest asset and our lack of faith would be our greatest downfall. For this reason, He did not expect us to have supernatural faith on our own. He made it so we could call upon Him through prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to give us His gift of faith. This gift, like all other spiritual gifts is nurtured through prayer and a deep intimate relationship with God. Our faith will be attacked, but as Jesus taught us, we have the power and authority to pray for protection. We can pray that our faith be protected just as we pray for protection of our homes, families, health, etc. Without faith we cannot grow in our relationship with God, we will struggle with realizing our purpose and live in this world constantly finding it hard to set ourselves apart and become more like Christ. Faith is often preached but often overlooked in its supernatural design. We often hear that hope is what drives us, but it is truly faith that keeps us. We must become more familiar with our faith before we can truly move into all God has for us. We don’t have to live small defeated lives, but to see change we must grow our faith. With faith we can say, “Why not me? Why not now?” and experience a real manifestation of God in our lives.

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