The Media Takeover: Reclaiming the Entertainment Industry

W currently have a God-sized problem that only He can fix. What we consume with our eyes and ears shape who we are. So what is the truth about the entertainment industry? Is it about mind-control, power and money, or have we not looked at it with a God perspective to realize how we all play a part? It’s time to take back the industry and transform it into something that glorifies God and positively affects us.

Many people are more comfortable attributing the negative impact of the entertainment industry to the entertainers. The truth is, the entertainers are owned by the very system we believe they constructed. This is true from the top of the industry all the way to the bottom. Even top-level executives, while influenced by the enemy, could not implement a plan to massively effect billions of people into mimicking what they see on television and music videos by themselves. They need consumers to buy what they are selling. The funny thing is, the devil has designed a system so complex that he has tricked us into thinking we created the system and therefore are to blame.

This is not true.

The battle is not with each other. The battle lies in the spirit realm. The devil has tricked us into claiming ownership of what he constructs. If he can get us to proudly claim and fight for an industry that glamorize wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, but fatally claims so many lives, then he’s won. (proverbs 6:16-19)

This is the ultimate ruse. This is the veil.

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. We have to wake up and realize there is a much bigger card being played here and we are being trumped every single time.

There is no illuminati in the sense that “man” is pulling the strings; there is rule, reign and influence over the world, controlled by the devil. His design is to keep us blind from what many call, the invisible war (the battle in the spirit realm).

We have to wake up.

Billboards, music, movies, magazines, commercials, television and fashion are all currently controlled by the enemy. He uses them to keep God’s children tied to a system where we are chasing phantom joy. The constant fight to “fit in” has influenced this generation to succumb to warring against each other in a very lonely effort to “win” (money, fame, recognition).

This generation has a job to do. We must come together and begin to break the devils’ hold over our spirits and minds. The devil is out of control, yet in many ways, completely in control. God is looking for a people who are willing to do what it takes to rein him in and recover all he has stolen.

This is the shift.

Our responsibility as Christians is to pray that our spirits are awakened and equipped to operate in the spirit realm. We must reclaim God’s children. We must defeat the enemy. We must transform the world into a place that is a reflection of God’s love.

We have to begin building the Kingdom.

God wants to save us from ourselves by opening our eyes to the devils’ influence. He wants every person to know how to reach their higher calling and purpose. He wants us to know we do not live in the world He intended and we need a shift from the bottom to the top. If we are truly hungry for change, if we are desperate for a move of God and if we want a sustainable solution to the problems we face in the world, we need to start at the root. It begins with realizing how God can work through us to bring the battle to the devils front door. First, we must stand up and say, “For too long have you fooled us, stolen from us and killed us. With God on our side, we want it all back!”

What can we do?

God has a plan and purpose for everyone. Even those who participate in projecting the images of sex, violence and greed in the entertainment industry. We are all His children and we all have an opportunity to change our perspective. Before MixxLife came to be, we had a period of abstaining from all secular entertainment. After a few weeks we couldn’t look at the entertainment industry the same way (an industry we were previously immersed in). If you haven’t yet, try separating yourself and spend time listening to worship music and praying for a month. Ask God to open your eyes and lift the veils. You won’t be the same. Every industry responds to the demand of the people. If we collectively end our support of the entertainment that harms our culture, it would no longer control our value system. More than this, in order to see change, we must demand entertainment that edifies God and builds the Kingdom. Pointing the finger at “illuminati” suggests that people subliminally control the world; let’s refocus on who is truly influencing us. Instead of blaming those who have joined the industry, we need to take a step back and recognize how we support it to persist.

Express how you want to participate on twitter using: #MediaTakeover Post photos, videos, testimonies, artwork and ideas that creatively expresses how you want to participate in taking back the entertainment industry.

We will redefine the entertainment industry to glorify God.


If you haven’t yet, download A New Revelation in iBooks. It is available for free and will offer insight into how God wants to bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him.

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