Prophetic Word: What is MixxLife?

This post is meant to be a peek behind the curtain of MixxLife. There are some people who are curious about who writes these blogs, why they are written the way they are, and how MixxLife came to be.  Hopefully this answers a few of the questions you may have. I’ll begin with a bit about my life, and let you know more about the evolution of MixxLife as well.

When I was a child I was heavily influenced by a praying mother and grandmother. My mother taught me to pray and showed me how tangible a relationship with God can be when you seek Him. She let me know that if I prayed for revelation, God would reveal my spiritual gifts and help me grow into who He wants me to be.

I began operating in my spiritual gifts from the age of 8. (For those of you that have not heard much about what the gifts of the Holy Spirit are, you can read about them here — just know that everyone has gifts and it takes time to know your gifts and how to use them). Because of my gifts, I experienced continual attack and actual manifestation of the enemy (seeing things in the spirit and hearing direct threats from the enemy). I was constantly under attack, and to be honest, I was scared. I thought, “How could God allow me to see and experience these things? Why wasn’t He protecting me? Why was the devil after me?” These fears and questions resulted in me running from my calling for the next 15 years. God allowed me to go my own way and during these years I lived my life for me. I was left empty, but God was always reminding me of my purpose.

It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized the devil attacks us because of what we carry. I was carrying the gift of prophecy, revelation, wisdom, faith, miracles, healing, knowledge, discernment and tongues (all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit). After a few prophetic run-ins with friends and family where I spontaneously prophesied, one night it became perfectly clear — it was time to stop running.

God woke me up in the middle of the night and told me to write a book that He would co-write with me. God began to speak to me and instructed me to write down what He said, verbatim, and then offer further support for readers. The book, “A New Revelation” was then written. Since then, God has been continually releasing His prophetic Word through which includes this blog and a continuing series of books. After a year of moving into my calling, He has now instructed that it is time for me to identify myself as a prophet to others. This was a long time coming.

MixxLife was founded by myself, (Brandice Payne) and Keri Sills. We have two distinct roles. As a prophet, God allows me to help people tap directly into their relationship with Him (Tap in). Keri’s gifts of faith, revelation, wisdom and discernment allow her to help connect people to each other (Get connected). These two branches encompass MixxLife and follow the most important commandments given to us by Jesus (see Matthew 22:36-40).

God is releasing a new Word to this generation. He is shifting the world we know now into something that glorifies Him and supports those who follow Him. MixxLife is not a platform where I offer my “interpretation” of God’s Word or plan. We release His direct, prophetic Word and also offer information about what He expects from us and where He is taking us. This is not what we have come to think of as a revival. Instead, it is a significant movement to permanently shift who we are and where we stand in the world.

God is teaching us to operate in the spirit through effective prayer and relationship with Him. He’s asking us to pray earnestly for revelation and activation of our spirits. With this, we can defeat the enemy while developing an unwavering, completely-detached-from-the-world, fully-committed, intimate relationship with God.

God is calling us to #TapIn and #GetConnected. He is showing us through the Word released at MixxLife (and other ministries that are tapped in) how to operate in the spirit and become effective, powerful Christians. We are not meant to live small or defeated lives. We don’t need to be spoon-fed by ministries yet remain unchanged and ineffective. God is waking us up to seek Him and gain revelation about who He’s called us to be and what our purpose is on Earth.

God is unveiling the rules of engagement for dealing with the enemy. He is showing us how to ignite significant change in our lives and also experience supernatural miracles. We do all of this through prayer.

This move is going to take an enormous amount of faith on our part. We must learn to  confront who we “think” we are in Christ and ask the question, “Do I believe God can use me to powerfully change the world?”

Whenever God makes a significant move in the earth (delivering the Israelites from Pharaoh, the great flood, Jesus’ birth) He warns His people through a prophet. Because of His deep love for us, He is sending out a message to build an intimate relationship with Him now. We can search for a common thread throughout ministries to see when God is moving, and right now, there is a huge push for deep prayer, a commited relationship with God, spiritual awakening, and confronting the enemy.

MixxLife seeks to deliver every message unadulterated and without compromise. These are God’s direct words, delivered to you, to see a full manifestation of His power and glory in THIS generation. Some of what we offer is supplemental information brought to you by the founders of MixxLife. However, all bold, quoted text is God’s Word, not ours.

We should see this as an example of God’s love for us. He is delivering His Word in a new way. We have changed the way that we consume information and God is meeting us exactly where we are — online. We may not all know why we are chosen for certain tasks, but if we are willing, God can do great things through us. This is my step of faith.


If you haven’t yet, download A New Revelation in iBooks. It is available for free and will offer insight into how God wants to bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him.

If you feel led to give or you are looking to partner with MixxLife, you can do so HERE.

You can also read about first steps to Christianity in MixxStart: The Beginners Guide to Untangling the First Steps of Christianity.

If MixxLife has been a blessing to you, share it with your friends and family!



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