The Return: Preparing for Jesus


Can any of us grasp the concept of Jesus breaking through the clouds in all of His glory? What will He be coming back to? Are we ready?

We are not here arbitrarily. We individually play a small part in a very big equation. So what exactly will we need to do individually (and ultimately together) to see a real manifestation of God on Earth?

Right now, God is calling us to draw near to Him. We must be extremely comfortable with praying in the spirit and experiencing God in the spirit realm. Spending more time in God’s world than ours will set us up to pray and intercede in such a great way that we can experience God’s manifestation in the earth.

Supernatural imposition of God’s presence is vital in the chain of events before Jesus’ return. Let’s consider what God requires of us for that to happen. One misconception may be that we just need to love God and be good Christians and God’s plan is independent of us. Though His love for us is immeasurable, we have to do our part.

“I will not return to claim a broken church. Learn to call things around you into submission. The world is such a sad place full of pain and agony. You must learn that because of my love for you it does not have to remain this way. I have given you rule and reign over all that exists in the earth. The shift is coming but it begins in each of you. Pray for revelation. Pray unceasingly.” -GOD

Jesus will return but there is much work to be done. There are small moves of God happening all over the world. It is going to take us all coming together in prayer. While changing our communities is important, we cannot stop there. Many of us have fallen so far away from God and the veil that conceals truth has become so thick. It is going to take a significant move of God for everyone to wake up. God wants us to pray unceasingly and earnestly so He can prepare us for His return. Jesus will return with chariots, angels, trumpets and all, but how many will be ready?


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