God Within

There are times where God gives me compound revelations. Often, they are not new ideas, but a better understanding of things that have been upfront and center since the beginning of time. The beauty of these micro-epiphanies is how amazing it can be to finally understand something I have been hearing for years.

We are all made in Gods’ image but I never knew what that really meant. It is completely possible that I am behind the curve and what I’ve recently experienced is common knowledge to everyone. However, I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed to me what it means to have God dwell within us in a way that provides a new perspective and way for people to relate.

Maybe this was my own misconception but when I was taught that we are made in God’s image I thought that we looked like Him. This always confused me because we all look so different. Then that was explained to me through the science of evolution and adaptation. People’s skin tone and build were based on location and climate. I’ve lived my life accepting that what we look like and how we function is a reflection of God. I was wrong.

The truth is, our spirits are a direct reflection of God and who He is, not our bodies. Our spirits are everlasting like Gods and they make up who we are.  The phrase, “God knew us before we were formed” is referring to the spirit that lives in each of us. The ability to experience the supernatural and operate in the spirit realm is because God gave us all a piece of Him. We are all born with a spirit that is dormant and waiting to be awakened. Once we are saved our spirits receive life from God and can communicate and be in relationship with Him. This is what it means to be born again. When we look at each other we should keep in mind that God lives in all of us and therefore we should remember that we are all connected to something greater. We all have the potential to experience the supernatural, we just need to switch our thinking to know who we truly are. We are a spirit, having a human experience. The God within us should be our focal point. Awakening our spirits will help us love more and live with more purpose and care for each other.

It’s a new year, let’s have a collective resolution to tap into what God has placed on the inside of us. Let’s make a conscious decision to work to see each other how God sees us — made in His image and capable of extraordinary things.

Happy New Year!


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