Doing nothing doesn’t have to mean nothing.

I’m typically a “doer”. If I’m not doing I feel I’m wasting time and not moving toward the goals I want to accomplish. God has been teaching me to do nothing and it has been driving me insane. He has been showing me that waiting isn’t doing nothing, waiting allows Him to do what He loves to do, take care of us and move us closer to the things He wants for us. Surrender is so important. It is true, things are accomplished not by our efforts, but by His grace. Because His grace is His, it is His to give and not mine to work for. It’s hard when you devote your life and time to the purposes of God. I’ve learned that while the visions and revelations are exciting, you will undoubtedly have to learn to wait on Him. I believe if you can endure the waiting and not throw yourself into every distracting effort to get things done “in the mean time” then the reward will be great.

Not only is God’s time not our own, it is also not ours to own. We will never own the timeline of God and He is repeatedly saying, “wait on Me, I’ve got this.” So why is it so hard to wait? Are we just impatient, excited, unsure, unbelieving? Jesus said to the guy who wanted his son to be healed, “without signs and wonders you will not believe.” John 4:48. This really resonated with me today. Am I like that man? I believe in God whole-heartedly. I believe He is capable of much more than I can imagine and know Him to be faithful, so why is it so hard to wait on Him at times? Here’s the not so conclusion I’ve come to — Doing nothing doesn’t have to mean nothing.

MixxLife is a complete act of faith and every correspondence I send is the fruit of that faith. I love and serve God with all of my heart. Maybe like many of you, the day to day does not often reflect glory raining down from Heaven. But what I know now is, that is okay. As I deepen my relationship with God I am learning to sit still. In the beginning I was like a 3 year old who could only sit still for a couple minutes max. Now I understand the importance of the showing of trust through the obedience to wait. Now I know my waiting is more significant than ever. I hear from God most days and talk to Him everyday. Our relationship is deepening and advancing in all the ways He promised. What has changed is not the manifestation of the promise but rather the need for the promise to manifest. Once I no longer needed the promise and just focused on Him, waiting is newly (very newly, like a couple hours ago) becoming my preferred activity because I get to just be with Him without all the pressures of purpose swirling around.

Abraham had one job, be faithful, patient, obedient, and righteous through faith so God could birth a nation through him. Doesn’t sound super exciting right? But God appeared to Abraham and talked with him face to face on more than one occasion. They were in relationship. Relationship is the goal. Not the promise, and not the end result. The jewels are found in the day to day, which for many, is the hardest part. Of course I want to be overshadowed in the blessings of God. But now more than ever, I just want to host His presence and like Gideon be worn by God as a host to all He want to do through me. I’m learning to do nothing and be okay with that. Your purpose may not be like mine, but I’m sure that in whatever day to day activity you are tasked with, kids, work, etc., there is always more room to do a bit more nothing with God and be totally satisfied in it. I believe we can’t want more until we only want HIm.

love you all
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High Stakes, High Waters

I’ve seen many accounts this morning of a lot of really rough days yesterday. You are definitely not alone no matter how much your thoughts try to tell you that you are. Yesterday was a rough day for many, including me, but today is a new day and today we can all embrace new mercies.

The struggle may be real, but as long as we have breath the promise stands much taller than the threat of defeat. I typically hate pep talks when I’m “in my feelings”. I don’t want to hear how the air will breathe so much fresher on the other side of my despair. I just want to shake my fist at God (just a little bit though) and be upset. What I learned yesterday is, it is okay to meet an obstacle, name it an obstacle, and stare at it for a while. When the stakes are high and your calling is far beyond what you can imagine, the waters do tend to rise. Yesterday I learned that if I rise with the waters I also become taller and can pass over what is trying to block my vision.

If I’m being honest, yesterday the MixxLife site was coming down and the archives would have lived in my heart and yours. I had a conversation with someone recently about how difficult it can be for me to write and write and write some more and never really know the impact it’s making. The Internet is a funny one-sided place. But then I did a search on the almost doomed and found a blog that lifted me up. A moment of clarity came and I realized it is not all for not.

Whatever you are facing, if you are facing it in the midst of a God sized promise not yet manifested, you are not alone. We all struggle and opposition would lead you to be believe your problem is a giant and you are facing that giant alone. Truth is, we feel isolated and our problems seem larger because they are closer to your heart and taking up more space in your field of vision than the solution. Yesterday I found the solution to feeling alone and being seemingly asked to stretch too far and wide by God. Tell Him about it. He gets it. And while I didn’t go to bed feeling much better, I woke up this morning knowing His mercies are new every morning and with that mindset the giants are a bit smaller and I’m rising with the waters.

Love you all -Brandice

He’s Everything

!Happy New Year

So for the first BTS of the year I’ve decided to fill everyone in on my biggest discovery of anyone’s life who’s ever lived. This includes fire, the wheel, and penicillin. Even with a glimpse into who God is, His plan for the all of everything, and how He feels about all of us, we haven’t scratched the surface. This isn’t meant to send anyone into an existential crisis, I’ve just realized if I am not in awe of God in each moment I am made aware of who He is and His presence, I have sadly missed the point of capitalizing on this existence. It’s almost as if I do not need to know the plan or get a glimpse at the blueprint. I just need to remain completely taken by who God is and what He is capable of. Most of the time these are things I can’t even imagine. This leads me to really begin to grasp who I am in Him. If just thinking about God sends me into awestruck euphoria, then thinking about the plan He has for me makes me want to clutch my pearls.

God is crazy big, and crazy amazing. Anytime I’m found dragging myself out of or into another day, I always question pretty much everything. Then God does something incredible and He is the only one who can do this and not seem like a complete narcissist. He gently reminds Me of how amazing He is and His capacity to love, especially when I do not love myself. So, to be held, encouraged, and lulled into a peaceful state of amazement by the One who holds the all of all, it is My prayer that we all come back to this reminder which for me, is the beginning of regaining perspective.

God is amazing and He knows your name.

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Tap In

Two years ago God told me to write a book, so I did. Then I didn’t. The book that originally came out was indicative of where I was in the journey with God, at the very beginning. Needless to say after all of my excitement I quickly realized this was not the book He was calling me to write. I worked really hard on that first version so I was a bit peeved but I didn’t give up. Back to the drawing board I went and the first iteration of Tap In began to take shape. When the last word was written, I realized that version was written to stretch me but still, it wasn’t the book He wanted me to write. It pained me but I read it, learned what I needed to learn from it then did a quick select all and pressed delete. Another one bites the dust. Over two years later the final version of Tap In, as I believe He wants me to release it is available! I’m so excited for this word to go out. Through the blogs you will recognize some of the content, and you will also see the theme that has been released through MixxLife since the beginning — God is orchestrating a shift and He is doing it through the quiet calling of His children back into a deep and intimate relationship with Him. He is calling for all of us to tap into who He is so we can live in this world set apart from all that is being shaken and see the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

This book is the beginning of where God is taking all of us. It deals heavily in spiritual warfare, and exposes the plan and strategy to keep us bound and ineffective. God also explains His plan for the world, how He feels about us, and where He is taking us in this next season. Tap In is a mix of guidance and prophecy and is meant to strengthen us in our prayer lives and take us into a deeper level of spiritual awakening and the spirit realm. Tap In offers something to those who are just starting out and those who have reached new heights in the revelation of who God is. Thank you in advance for your support of this book and I am truly excited to see God manifest some of the promises He’s made through the releasing of this Word.

I am including both the kindle and paperback links in this email. I encourage each of you to purchase a copy of the book. Writing this word has gotten me through many trials and transitions, and has helped shape and direct me. It has been a tremendous blessing for me and I know it will do the same for you.

I love you all!



Continue to love, continue to share the Word.

Say It Out Loud

So, I realized something today. Even as I have dedicated my life to hearing God’s voice and delivering the words and messages He gives me, I sometimes struggle with who God has said I am and the place I hold in His heart. Then it hit me, all I have to do is believe. I love that revelations from God are always mind-glowingly simple, and for me, 100% of the time, found in times of worship and surrender. SIDEBAR– If you haven’t really worshipped, just you and God, one-on-one, you should really try it. Amazing things happen when we stop everything else and worship God with complete abandon.

I think many times we say what we think we hear, and we talk about what we think God has put us here to do but may not truly in the depths of our souls believe it. I also believe we can only internalize who God says we are when we really believe and have a clear revelation that He loves us in the crazy amazing way He proclaims to love us.

I had to take a moment and really sit with God and out loud say what He has said is true about me. In that moment I felt a shift. I felt a huge weight fall off, almost like every enemy assigned to stop me from speaking the truth of who I am and how God feels about me had to leave. It was amazing. I realized the one truth that matters — God will always allow me to enter into His courts, He will always take me back when I stray, He will always forgive me and He loves me. This is separate from the pursuit of purpose so many of us are obsessed with. This was just about relationship. A moment spent only holding the intention to be with Jesus will open the door to everything else we want God to reveal to us. I just had to out loud proclaim and believe it to be true. I used to be a real proponent of strong, silent prayer. Today I realized when we open our mouths and tell the natural realm the truth of who God has said we are in spirit, and the truth of His love and affection for us, things have to shift.

Say it out loud even when you don’t feel like it.

Your greatest weapon is the proclamation and commitment to this truth. You are exactly who God says you are, God loves you, He has filled you with specific purpose, He only has good things to say about you, He sings over you, He is always there to embrace you, and when you call on Him, He will come. Saying things out loud saturates the atmosphere in a way us strong silent types cannot accomplish in our cocoon of prayer. So today whole-heartedly I proclaim and believe with everything in me that I am a prophet and harvester of veils, brought up out of my small life by His hand and charged with delivering His word to all of you. With a heart to serve only Him I am committed to seeing this world change by the manifestation of God’s highest promise — on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Who are you?


The Word released here is timeless and everlasting. I have spoken to you from My heart and have guided you, as you study this Word, to a place where you transcend from your natural self into the you I created at the beginning of it all. I have placed My hands upon your face and removed disfigurements and smudges until you stand before Me made new and ready to operate in all I am calling you into. Go back, study, worship, pray, and seek My face. I have laid all you need here to become one with Me and operate in a new dimension with new revelation.

The revelation of My love is what you must hold highest. My love is your life line. The love I have for you and the relationship I am teaching you to have with Me is what will change the world. The revelation of a love relationship with your Father is what will carry you through and lift you up. Many will be saved as you demonstrate what it truly means to be in relationship with Me. A walking testimony of what emerges from time with Me is one that can not be refuted. Comb through what I have released here and you will never be the same. Clarity will come to all you do. Become one with what you have gained the revelation to see — I am speaking plainly to those who will hear Me. Do not hide your Source, do not hide the Word. Become a doer of the Word, a carrier of what I have given you and give it to others. A new Word will be released here soon, but for now, go back and become one with Me.


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Trading My thoughts for your own, My desires for what you once desired, My thoughts for yours is a process. You tell Me in your surrender that you are willing to attach yourself to Me and receive what I have for you until what you once were, which was destroying you, is replaced with what will cause you to thrive and prosper. There are many ways to come to Me, transfusion is a slow process. To slowly filter Myself through you through the awakening of your spirit and your connection to Me is a beautiful process. So much beauty in watching you trust and transform. When you allow the transfusion, you make room for a level of relationship with Me that causes Heaven to manifest through you. A transfusion of the attributes of your Father through the awakening to your purpose is one way to come to Me, but there is another way. Open heart surgery.

Your worship and surrender becomes the scalpel. You take your hold of your heart through surrender, worship and time with Me and allow Me to remove it. I remove it, broken and bruised. You come to understand all that pumps through this heart sends brokenness and bruised emotions and thoughts through every part of your body. In this, you become sustained by what is also killing you. If you will allow Me to rip away what is destroying you, I will replace it with My heart. I will place inside of you what will bring you everlasting life and abundance of revelation, knowledge, healing, wisdom, faith, miracles, and everything you need to live the life I am calling you to. Be willing to lay down and be cut open, I will give you what is most precious — the heart of your Father.


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