Even the most powerful people have a yearning to dance. Those who rule nations have a space in their heart for someone special. Those who carry the burdens of others have a moment where a light in someone’s eye sends them into complete joy. Your Father rules all, knows all, has power over all, yet sings over you.

I create and command the all of all and I desire you, hold you, and whisper how much you mean to Me. If I, the Creator, can leave My throne and place My hands on your broken body, you who may have charge or responsibilities in your life can stop and dance with your Father.

Do not live with a stiff neck and rigid heart. I smile and I rule. I give and I sing. I, your Father, who has defeated death, will take your hand and walk in the meadow with you and show you the beautiful thoughts I’ve had, one being you. Look at what I’ve created, some serious and some full of a playful nature. If your God, who holds the world in the palm of My hand can sing over you, then you too can find the soft ground in the midst of the jagged path you are sometimes tasked with walking on.




Delight yourself in Me today for My joy is hovering and will descend and overtake you. The joy of My Spirit will produce miracles through those who have been touched with the fire of joy. Joy will be your power. You will heal, you will resurrect and you will deliver those who are bound and broken. I will send you out soaked in the joy and power of My Spirit. Joy hovers over you now, reach up and accept My offering to you. This offering is the revelation of the power of joy through My love for you and yours for Me. Delight yourself in the beauty of Heaven. Your power today is in joy. Joy will cover you like oil and the world will know you are mine and I am yours. Delight will overtake you. Delight will come upon you and the Holy Spirit will possess you.

Delight in each moment this day presents. There are no dormant days in the affairs of your God. Today is a day to delight yourself in Me. There is a grace for joy, for dancing, and for delight. This is a joyful day. All of Heaven rejoices in the mighty move My Spirit is about to unleash on the Earth. Today joy will be your deliverance. Be joyful. Take joy. Give joy. Delight yourself in good things today, for it is in delight you will find deliverance from all that seeks to steal every good and perfect thing I have ordained for you.


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For all that you can see there is much more that you cannot see. It is the unseeing that frustrates most of you. For many,  you in part know what you are not seeing and therefore cannot see what is in front of you. Even when what is in front of you does not resemble what you know you cannot see you still miss one simple fact. I see all.

This relationship is built on knowing and trusting that I can see what you cannot. You must know that I can bring things in and out of your field of vision and I do not hide from you, I am constantly revealing. There is always something in your field of vision. There is always something in front of you. Whether you wish to view what is in front of you or not, the simple fact remains, what is in front of you is what you are seeing. Not seeing the entire picture is not a reason to stop believing.

Life is not perfect. You are not perfect. Perfection only exists in one tangible place for you, and that is in your relationship with Me. Being close with Me gives you access to what is perfect and pure. Having access to My perfection gives you the opportunity to shift what is in front of you. As you tap into Me, I grant you access and give you revelation of how to bring what is out of focus, but made clear through promise, into focus.

Our relationship is about access. I gain access to your yielded heart and you gain access to abundant and eternal life. I trade your sorrow for My joy. I exchange your confusion for My clarity. It’s about giving. Give of yourself first to Me then to others and you will experience the beautiful cycle of impartation. You need Me to impart into you and you need to impart into others. If you focus on that, if you focus on what I have placed in your view and in your grasp, you then declare to Me that you trust Me to bring what you cannot see into your hands.

A life mourning the uncertain future is a life wasted. A life rejoicing in the promises I make while embracing each present moment is a life that maximizes the life I deemed worth saving. Live for now and retain the revelation of where you are headed. This is how you walk the path. This is how you find joy in what you may not understand.


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Your name has been inscribed in My heart. Your name rings clearly in the ears of Heaven. I have taught you the place you hold with Me. I have told you numerous times we are to be in constant communication as I carry out My covenant with you to be all you need. As you will have Me so will I show up in your life. I will be with, for, and in you in every circumstance, but you lack community. You experience ineffectiveness because you have not been made aware of the importance of those I have also inscribed your name upon and theirs upon you.

There are others who carry pieces of the plan you seek. I do not call one to do what many can accomplish. If there is a tower to be built, would one man work day and night to see it to its fruition? No, I will call many to carry the stones that erect what I have purposed. It is time to shift. It is time to live for Me as you have been and open your eyes to the urging of the Holy Spirit to begin to partner with those who carry a portion of what I have given you the vision of the whole of.

I have not called all to build an empire but I have called two or more to gather in My name for the advancement of the Kingdom. Begin to use discernment in your meetings with people. Open your heart and do not fear for I am keeping you. People will enter your life, be slow to cast them aside. Listen to their heart and embrace kindred spirits. Do not huddle with those who possess like stripes. Draw near to those who possess a strikingly different color that is essential to the completion of the vision I cast before your eyes. If you immediately judge no one worthy then how can you see the precious stone as I have seen the precious gem in the midst of your chaos? Everyone is not meant to speak as you speak, but I will draw those to you who can translate your language to many nations.

You have guarded your heart and you will not fall back into your false life. It is time to embrace those I send to you and begin to build the kingdom that will shine bright while all else is shaking. Do not curse where you are, for if you have been with Me, then I am with you where you currently stand. Open your spirit wide to take in all I am imparting, then lock arms with those I send you and walk on powerful adjoining paths to purpose.


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You have committed yourself to alignment. You have looked to Me in times of need, in times of praise, and in times of supplication. You have stood before Me in the light of My love, and you have bowed before Me in the river of My grace. You have found yourself satisfied in My presence and your heart is turned toward Me. I am showing you the difference between satisfied and satisfaction. To be satisfied means it has already happened and will never turn into regret. This is the perpetual place of being in My presence and seeking My plan and purpose for your life. A never-ending feeling of being satisfied. When you submit yourself to satisfaction, you are dealing in what is temporary and ultimately unfulfilling. The enemy will focus your eyes on satisfaction. You will see a thing and say, “this will bring me satisfaction.”

It will not last.

The danger of sin, or being out of alignment with Me is this. You stand in the light of My love and believe in My promises, this causes you to stand upright, and receive nourishment from the light emitted from Heaven upon your entire being. In this place your are forever satisfied. You never leave the light and you carry it wherever you go.

This is what satisfaction does; you put on a heavy cloak to hide yourself from the light. You place this cloak upon you fearing that as you seek what will bring you satisfaction, you cannot stand in the open embrace of our relationship and you hide from Me. You go out into the world and consume what will temporarily bring you satisfaction. You do this with the belief that you will be able to remove the cloak and once again stand in the light. This is true, you could remove the cloak and realign yourself with Me, but the longer you wear the cloak the heavier it gets. The longer you keep the cloak on, the more you forget what it feels like to stand in the light and your skin becomes withered, soft, and cold. You start believing the cloak is keeping you warm and you will burn in the light. The cloak becomes a prison of fear and doubt. Before long you are now hunched over, covered in the heaviness of pursuing a life outside of what I have for you and it then becomes your burden to bear.

I am here to remove what you cannot lift. I am here to release you from the deception. I am here to remove the old ragged cloak and rebuild you in the light of everything you are purposed for. It may be painful, the light may be bright, but I will shield you, allowing in enough to change you but not overwhelm you. Eventually you will stand with Me satisfied and whole. Do not let regret keep you from Me, I have conquered it. Do not let fear keep you from Me, fear cannot stand in My midst. Do not allow sin to keep you from Me for I break down the mountain of sin into gravel for you to walk upon. Your soul is satisfied with Me and there is no other place to find lasting peace. I am all you need. Invite Me into every area of your life and I will show Myself faithful as you surrender to what will keep you satisfied.


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Press In

What need would I have to test you? I am well versed in what you are capable of. I am more knowledgeable of your limits and ability for advancement than you could ever dream. I do not need to know if you will pass the test, I need to know you will commit to the test. It is in your committing to what I have called you to that allows us to grow together. It is in your yes that I am able to move you through all of the no’s you will undoubtedly place upon yourself. Committing to the test is a chance for Me to show you how what you were once incapable of for lack of faith or lack of trying can be achieved. This is what I call the process.

There is a process that every person must go through. It is in this process that you are made aware of the type of relationship we are meant to have. It is my love for you that puts you to the test. Never to fail you, but to cause you to understand that you can be stretched, and if stretched by Me in a posture of surrender you will supersede all expectation or standards  you may have placed upon yourself.

I am showing you the God in you. The Me in you that exists beyond your imagination. How can you become more like Me if you are operating under the assumption that you are attempting to overcome things in the natural? The moment I am calling you to exists in the spirit realm. Your test is in the spirit realm. You will attempt to perceive it in the natural but I assure you the answers you seek and the growth you are submitting yourself to lives in a dimension you are not currently experiencing, but one I am calling you to pull into your now. The now is such a gift. It is such an opportunity to pull what I know out of eternity and allow you to experience it in each breath you take.

Embrace the moment and commit yourself to the test. It is a glorious time to stretch beyond measure and move into each moment as you press toward the promise.


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For a thing to shatter, in most cases it is beyond repair. The pieces of the whole too broken and scattered to rebuild. My children may be broken, they may be in despair, they may even be shattered by life’s experiences, but you must know, there is no fragmented version of yourself that is beyond repair in My eyes. I, the master Creator see you in your entirety. I see you whole in every circumstance. Do not be afraid to come to Me with the shattered pieces of your life in your hand. Give them to Me and I will set them aside and rebuild you. I will remake you more brilliant and full of purpose then you ever were before. Some hold the broken pieces of their lives in their hands and instead of giving it to Me, they shed tears over the shards that continue to cut into hands that are meant to heal. You are blessed with healing hands. Give the jagged pieces to Me and allow Me to mend the wounds this broken life has caused you.

I rejoice in healing and restoration. I rejoice and sing over those who come to Me bloody and broken and humble themselves, not in shame, but in surrender. I know you cannot carry the burden on your own. I want you to experience a real and pure love. I want you to know the beauty and wholeness of a pure love, a love that can only be experienced through relationship with Me. Even your happiest moments are lacking if they are not grounded in My love.

Do not fear being shattered. In this life, in this world, it is sure to happen. You will be shattered by a world that seeks to consume you, but I am here to fit you into a new mold. One that is not easily broken. One that stands tall and is protected by My hand. Every breaking process you experience, even if by My hand, if surrendered to Me, you will emerge a beautiful and new creation.


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